Grow your medical practice with AI & data.

Drive up to 35% more revenue per patient.
Reduce cost by automating administrative workflow.
Unleash 4x faster charting with AI.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Works with any EMR
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Clinic revenue growth


Patient satisfaction


AI-powered & data-driven
Medical Practice Management.

Proven to increase your clinic’s revenue

AI Charting Assistant

Automate your medical charting to save time & money.

  • Say goodbye to generic templates

    AI analyzes thousands of medical templates and combines them with your own charting style to create unique templates.

  • Boost Revenue

    Coding mistakes can cost you. Don't risk lost income or insurance penalties. DocPro ensures accurate coding for optimal revenue.

  • 4x faster charting — Save 60 min everyday

    DocPro produces charts with patient history, assessments, ICDs and CPTs. You’ll just review the chart from your EHR and sign off.


Smart Insight

Identify revenue generating opportunities
— Prioritize patient well-being & forecast revenue.

Data shows which patients to
schedule this year


Analyze code usage for optimal billing &
compliant coding

Thumb Thumb

Focus on high-risk patients.
Provide better care &
elevate revenue


Identify lost revenue from unbilled
preventive visits


Win back patients & boost visits with
targeted outreach


CareGap Plus

Maximize CareGap incentives with updated patient info.

With CareGap Plus, a PCP’s office does not have to wait months to get updated patient information. Capture as much insurance incentives as possible — based on data.

  • CareGap Plus produces weekly patient profiling. Call those targeted patients. Capture the highest incentive.

  • PCPs often forget which reporting code to use. CareGap Plus actively integrates reporting codes for each visit. This lets insurances know that the PCP is fulfilling each criteria.


Easy Referral

Send and receive referrals in a snap —
A single hub to track everything.

  • A primary care providercan instantly notify a specialist about a patient referral. Patient gets a message notification as well.

  • The specialist gets notification about the referral, he/she can reach out to the patient to schedule a visit. This enables a specialist’s office to get more visits.

  • Often, PCPs aren’t aware of what happened during the patients visit to the specialist’s office. DocPro allows the specialist to upload patient visit summary with a few clicks. Active communication between different clinics lead to better patient care as well.

Website & SEO

Get found online & appear when someone searches
“primary care near me”

  • Professional website with beautiful templates

    Without a professional website, nobody would take your clinic seriously. Start your online journey with a customized website.

  • Professional email

    You’ll get a professional email that matches your website name e.g. [email protected]

  • Online marketing with SEO

    Struggling to attract those first patients? New clinics often face this hurdle, but boosting your online presence can be the key to success. We help you rise in search results for relevant healthcare services, attracting patients directly to your clinic.


Features to help you
reduce cost & increase revenue.

Appointment reminders via text message

Reduce missed appointments, which can lead to lost revenue.

Secure file transfer & HIPAA compliance

Avoid costly data breaches or non-compliance fines.

Go paperless
with online forms

No more manual data entry —
saving you time & resources.

DocPro helps practitioners like you.

Eliminated a
backlog of 10k+ charts, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Doubles revenue from
in-person visits.

Increased per encounter revenue by 25%.
4x faster claim submission.

Saw revenue growth by making charting efficient.

Take your clinic to a
whole new level.

Let’s optimize your clinical and financial performance.